Want to Pull Off an Athleisure Look? Here's a Guide to Help You Get Started

Perhaps you have some friends who have gotten into the athleisure style, and you want to try it. Or maybe you've been rocking women's athleisure wear for a while now, and you'd like to take the look to the next level. Either way, this style guide is for you! Below are a few tips that will help you choose the best possible athleisure clothing and use them to create fun and stylish looks.

Pick the right colors.

Just like with other types of clothing, you'll want to choose women's athleisure wear with colors that complement your skin tone. This way, you can rock a comfy, eye-catching outfit without looking pale or washed out. It's also important to note that many sports clothing are offered in bright colors and loud prints, which can be too much when worn together. To make sure that your outfit isn't overwhelming, pick a single piece with an intense color or print and pair it with more neutral garments. A neon sports bra, for example, will look great with a black leather jacket or a dark gray suit blazer.

Choose the right size.

Search for women's athleisure wear pieces that are just the right size for you. This can take some time since you'll have to try on multiple garments, but it's worth the hassle when you find pieces that will make you look and feel great. Avoid wearing baggy and oversized clothing since they'll make you look less put-together. It's also a good idea to avoid too-small and too-tight pieces that will prevent you from being comfortable and highlight any problem areas you might be worried about.

Feel free to mix fabrics.

Just because you're creating an athleisure look doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself to nylon, spandex, and other activewear fabrics! You can also wear your athleisure clothing with materials made for day-to-day wear, such as cotton, denim, and leather. In fact, mixing and matching fabrics is highly recommended to create a truly athleisure outfit and avoid looking like you're just on your way to the gym.

Upgrade your outfits with accessories.

And we don't just mean sporty accessories like gym bags, workout headbands, and sun visors! You can also experiment with other items that will glam up your outfit and make it more elegant. For example, invest in a crystal-studded sling bag to add some oomph to your look while ensuring that your phone, keys, and wallet are safely tucked away. You can also throw on a pair of aviator sunglasses to make your outfit sleeker and more sophisticated.

Use these tips to pull off the athleisure and look your best every single day! If you'd like to get more advice, or if you're ready to start shopping for athleisure clothing, get in touch with Glam Luxe Fitness. We have a collection of modern and stylish women's athleisure wear ranging from comfy rompers, jumpsuits, and women's athleisure sets to glamorous dresses and mini skirt sets that will make you stand out at every party. Browse our online shop today to find your next go-to outfit!