The Glam Luxe Box


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Glam Luxe Box?

The Glam Luxe Box is a package delivered each month filled with exclusive & premium fashion, cosmetic, and beauty products for our Luxe Babes. This is the perfect way to try new fashion and essential beauty products that you will fall in love with and combine together to create an entire signature look. The Glam Luxe Box will make fashion and beauty convenient and effortless for your lifestyle.  You will receive 3 new luxury products that include an outfit, a must have fashion accessory, and a beauty/ cosmetic product. Subscribers will also get access to join our Online Luxe Babe Lifestyle community in order to connect with other women, get inspired, and share all things Luxury.


How The Glam Luxe Box work?

Once you sign up for The Glam Luxe Box, you take a style quiz and enter your sizing& style preference information. Shortly after, you will receive a package strait to your door! This is a monthly subscription that you can cancel or pause at anytime.

How much does it cost?

You can sign up for the Glam Luxe Box monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you sign up on a month to month basis, you will be charged $59.99 plus FREE shipping (in the US) each month. This is an auto- renewing monthly rebill.

If you subscribe quarterly, you will receive 3 boxes for 54.99 each, billed every 3 months for a total of $164.97 each quarter. This is an auto- renewing rebill.